Quantdesk (Qdesk.ai) has taken all of the services of a Quantitative Hedge Fund and provides these products as a service.

Ideation Sandbox

Ready to build, test and execute a quant systematic model in traditional and alternative risk premia space?

Would you like to build micro and macro factors across global stocks and futures markets ?

Qdesk’s tool allows you to drag and drop within the sandbox. Each strategy generates Python code, so no coding is required.

Signal Builder

In-house strategies for:

  • Well documented models
  • Tested algorithms
  • Library of Risk Premia models
  • Global price and fundamental data
  • Futures and Options data
  • News and Sentiment data
  • Unique unstructured date
  • Analytics package
  • Live intraday P&L monitor

Trade Execution

  • Business Continuity
  • Efficient Trading
  • Futures/FX Trading
  • Daily Trading
  • Systematic Execution

Back Office

  • Systems
    • Intra-day reporting on your desktop
  • People
    • Compliance
    • Accounting

Data Science Services

Our team has over 100 years of data science work in the hedge fund business, but they aren’t that old! That’s experience that is difficult to replicate. If you have a custom model that you’d like to get help building, we’re here for you! Most importantly, you own the strategy.